About Me

Hello everyone; my name is DorcasW. I am of a Caribbean decent. I was Educated in the Caribbean and I also lives in the Caribbean.

In my early adult years. I serve my family, managing the family business which was all Agriculture, as my mother was a Farmer of both livestock and Cultivation.

During this time I develop a writing skill as I had to also do the Bookkeeping and make daily entry of occurrences, to ensure that Live stock and crops would not diminish if I should walk away. And that, treatment and medicines for livestock would apply appropriately,  and Treatment and Fertilizer would  be apply to crops in their respective seasons.

Time comes for a change. I decide that enough is enough. I need a life of my own. I walked away. My brothers were matured enough to carry on. I entered into the Government service where I attended the Police training Academy.

This training opened my mind to a vase area of life, one that I never before believe exist. I know now of a fact, that the human beings are not as simple as they really look.

I traveled to a couple of Countries, including England. These visits were vacation, as I am fun loving. And I love people. I love to make people laugh, some people called me Comedian. However, I do not make money from comedy. I am a author, a composer and a singer.

I am a mother and a grand mother. Right now: I am free, single and disengage. I am passionate about the things I do and I hate foolishness and robbery.

I am a survive motor vehicle rack-age, one that everyone believe would not make it. One who after more than a year Doctors verbally and in printout said: Don’t walk, stand, sit nor do any form of work longer than half an hour. We know of no pain killer that will be able to help you to ease the pain you will feel if you do. Don’t be around the Computer neither sitting nor standing for more than twenty minutes. I have survived that completely as miracles do work for them who believe.

There are much more about me, I tell you later.